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Kiddy Safety Features

Car seat safety with Kiddy Impact Shield

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The Kiddy Impact Shield is made of highly shock-absorbing materials and offers the best impact protection in the event of a head-on collision. The risk of dangerous neck injuries is reduced as the impact forces are directed into the Impact Shield. This prevents the baby's head from being abruptly thrown forward or backward, as is the case with a car seat using a conventional shoulder harness.


Kiddy Shock Absorber (KSA)

Kiddy Shock Absorber (KSA)

Children aged 4 - 12 years should be secured in the child safety car seat with the car's 3-point harness. However, this harness system is designed for adults and will subject children to high pressure loads in the event of a crash.

Kiddy's brilliant new solution - the Kiddy Shock Absorber (KSA), which absorbs the energy or force created and literally deforms. It can be compared to a crumple zone for children’s car seats and Kiddy has patented the use of this unique technology.


Test victories


We have been developing children’s safety seats that combine the greatest possible safety with comfort (and fun) for over 30 years. The ‘Urkiddy’ laid the foundation for success in 1978, when it emerged as the winner of the first car seat test by the Stiftung Warentest in Germany at the time. Then came the legendary Kiddy rearward-facing system (1997), the Kiddy terrabase (2002), the long-running Kiddy life plus (2003) and Kiddy life pro (2006).

But even the latest champions in their class, the Kiddy Infinity Pro (2007) and the Kiddy Comfort Pro (2008), are unbeaten so far and represent an impressive global Kiddy child safety car seat philosophy - Utmost safety, sophisticated design and deepest comfort. Our test victories speak for themselves: With Kiddy products your little one can travel the world!


Hi-tech materials


Honey Comb are high-performance materials that offer the best protection in the event of side impact and are used by Kiddy in the head and shoulder areas of the seat. The material uses essentially the same principle of the very stable honeycomb design, which slowly and steadily reduces the force of impact in the event of an accident.


Crash tests

To receive approval by the German Federal Motor Vehicle Office, all car seats must generally be tested according to ECE Regulation R 44-04 and must comply with these requirements. These tests are performed at the Dekra. However, as these tests only comply with the statutory minimum requirements, Kiddy insists that our car seats meet the much more stringent test criteria of the ADAC (the German equivalent of the AA). Kiddy voluntarily has its seats tested by the ADAC under more challenging conditions. In other words our products go well beyond the legal safety standards – after all, in an emergency, it could be a child’s life at stake.


ECE approval

All Kiddy car seats are ECE approved. The ECE label on the seat is proof that each has been thoroughly tested before going on sale, and that it complies with the latest European safety requirements. The label is in the form of a sticker or sewn-in tag on the back of each respective seat model. We attach great importance to the safety of your children, therefore we always strive to provide maximum safety well beyond official requirements.